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dalek green

May 2009

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copperbadge in dalekinthepond

Video: How The Dalek Got There by John Barrowman

I asked Kali and she said I could post this, so although it's not fanfic:

Title: How The Dalek Got There
Author/Artist: John Barrowman and The One Show
Summary: The One Show hosts show John Barrowman the Dalek in the Pond (aired yesterday). If you don't want to watch a lot of John Barrowman nodding and smiling, skip to four minutes in, that's when they ask him about it.

It wasn't me! Blame the Doctor!


This had been described to me, but thanks for the actual link. That's a really odd few minutes of video as a total package.
I find it tres bizarre that they had a guest talking about prisoner drug rehab programs PLUS JOHN BARROWMAN, but I don't watch The One Show so maybe that's their schtick.

Barrowman, to his credit, did not pull any shenanigans while they were discussing drug rehab. Love him or hate him, he's got some class and he knows when not to be inappropriate. :D
Yeah. It was SO RANDOM. And then there were pictures of frogs. I just... WHUT?

Also, to be really shallow: his new haircut is really cute.
I missed the frogs -- I ended up skipping round till I found the Dalek. :D

The hair is nice but he is oddly disposed towards selecting shirts that do not flatter him. He needed either a jacket with that shirt or a t-shirt instead.
Totally agree. Why can't the men of Torchwood dress themselves?!?!!?!

Dear JB:

Just because you're really gay and your shirt is really gay, doesn't mean the really gay shirt looks really good on you.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, because it blows my straight-guy cred to hell.

The collar is cool and I like the texture and colour, from the shoulders up it's fine, it's a very nice (very gay) shirt. It just has this weird diagonal thing going on with the button-down, and it turns him into a hipless column. All he needed was like, a nice jacket to go with it, or some different tailoring below the collar.

But it could be worse. He could be wearing a beanie.
And, at least his clothes fit.

Gee, who could we be talking about by not talking about him?
Someone continually in need of pulling his pants up, maybe.
Every response I come up with to this requires complete editing.

So yeah. Just. Yes.
Just to answer your question, the One Show basically has a celebrity guest of some kind who sits there the whole time, while the journalists or other guests present their stories. JB is very good at those situations, it isn't an uncommon set up on British chat shows, and he always handles it very well, and is great value as a guest as he participates so well, as he did with the sparkly gloves. He is up for anything and quick witted, they must love him as they said only he and Michael Palin have been on three times.

I thought the shirt looked absolutely fine.

(I do have to say that I'm actually not one of his rabid fans, I have no desire to go to a concert or anything! I really just love him for Capt Jack, but also find him very entertaining on chat shows)