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The Dalek in the Pond

A Whoniverse Fic Challenge

Dalek in the Pond Challenge
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On March 4, 2009, the remains of a Dalek were found in a Hampshire pond.

How did it get there? Advance scout? Rogue prisoner? Fugitive from justice? Fugitive from the Doctor (anywhere from One through Eleven)? Detritus from the Time War? Been worshipped as a god by the Celts? Did Jack and the rest of his merry band chuck it there after the Earth Clean-up? Is there a whole race of Mer-Daleks that live underwater? Did the original makers of Doctor Who employ real Daleks...and is the invasion coming (and what do the current producers think about it)?

You decide.

This challenge is for fics determining how and why the Dalek made it here. Any characters/pairings/genre/rating (slash, het, gen, rpf) from Doctor Who, Torchwood or The Sarah Jane Adventures welcome.

Fics must be at least 750 words.

Dates/Sign-ups/Formatting rules here. Any questions can be directed at your friendly mods, kalichan or rm.